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Week 3: Websites of the Day

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The blog Websites of the Day by Larry Ferlazzo provided an very wide variety of information, all greatly beneficial to educators. The post that first caught my attention was about student athletes and how to keep up their academics. Larry is a high school teacher and has developed a routine for keeping athletes on task. Instead of giving out letter grades, each week Larry gives out grades in relation to each student’s leadership, cooperation, respect, perseverance, and preparation. It was very interesting to me that the coaches take these grades almost as seriously as the official grades of the students. This practice not only keeps the student athletes accountable academically, but also as a leader within the school as well.

Another post that I enjoyed reading was about Presidential Campaign Ad Lessons. Learning about Presidential Elections is big for students because they begin to realize they will someday have a voice in who the leader of our country will be. The links under this post are great resources to use right before an election, or even when learning about how an election works in later elementary and secondary years. The Getting to Know the Candidates: Analyzing Their Campaign Ads lesson plan would be great for upper level elementary students and they would get a chance to use the internet during the lesson which would keep them engaged. Also, the video 60 Years of Presidential Attack Ads provided at the bottom of this post would give students not only a visual, but also an insight into who has ran for President and the development of attack ads through the years.

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